Users are The Key to Great Web Site Design

Frequently when a designer sites down to work on a web site design, they think they know all about web users and what they are looking for from a web site. Unfortunately, all too often designers do nothing to check those assumptions. If they did, they would most likely find out that they are off the mark with their conjecture.

Web site designs that are not rooted in a solid understanding of a brand’s users along with their needs are destined to under perform. If you don’t understand what a user wants or needs from a site you can’t possibly know what to offer or how to offer it.

It is important that before you begin designing that you not only understand the site’s users’ requirements but also develop a sound understanding of their thought process, purchase journey, constraints and the environment in which they view the web site. It is important that before you begin designing that you not only understand the site’s users’ requirements but also develop a sound understanding of their thought process, purchase journey, constraints and the environment in which they view the web site. User experience designers rely on this information and by leveraging it are able to create web sites that have far superior results. In fact, IBM believes the benefit of user experience design can be up to 100 times what is invested in it.

Spend the time to develop an understanding about your users. After you have done that, create personas based on the information you have learned. Make sure you consider user demographics, wants and needs, and other relevant factors when creating your persona. You will find that personas are not etched in stone; they should evolve as you learn more about your users. From there you can create designs that satisfy the needs of your personas.

While working on your designs you want to make sure you don’t forget who the target audience is. Good design is a product of good research. While designing make sure you consider user interactions; think about the functionality of the website and design a site that will help users complete their intended tasks smoothly and efficiently. You need a good understanding of what your base is looking for and from there; you should help them to find it easily.

The quality of a web site’s design relates directly to conversion rates. Things like complicated navigation, slow load times, and hard-to-read type turn users away. Seek instead for your design to focus on clarity and simplicity.  Clear, intuitive designs make conversions much more likely. Your site should feature simple, logical and intuitive controls

Another factor that is important to good design is having your information prioritized in a hierarchy that makes sense to your users. Graphics can be used to help define this hierarchy and set a clear path for site visitors to follow. Visually appeal is important as well. You will want your home page and every page on your website to be attractive. Your website is the public face of your brand.

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Mobile Commerce Growing More Than Twice as Fast as e-Commerce

Technology has brought a lot changes in business. Years ago there used to be a lot of business transactions that are now done within minutes through mobile phones. Manufacturers of phones have upgraded the operating systems and devices so that they can be compatible with the tasks users want to perform. Additionally, mobile application developers have improved the quality of applications that are used in mobile commerce and have created enhanced experiences for application users.

Mobile commerce is growing much more rapidly because it is available to everyone and affordable.Growth of Mobile Commerce

If you compare mobile commerce and e-commerce, you will find out that there is a big difference in the rate of growth at which each one of them is growing. Mobile commerce is growing much more rapidly because it is available to everyone and affordable. It is also offers simplified experiences because the applications that are used to transact business in mobile commerce are easy to use. There are more advantages to mobile commerce, for instance it often will:

• Streamline the checkout process
• Improve search functionality
• Provide live inventory visibility

Use of mobile apps by companies to do business transactions make it easier for the clients to read the product descriptions, read customer reviews and even compare different products of the same kind. There are also some companies that offer additional coaching in courses that can help them make their customer experiences even better.

Use of Mobile Commerce

Many companies have currently embraced mobile commerce and they have seen tremendous growth and improvement in their businesses. The profits that they accrue have increased making their businesses more lucrative because of the customer traffic that is realized by the use of this platform. There are some companies that you can see reporting that they had an increase in profits up to 28% after adding mobile commerce. Any kind of business is compatible with this kind of mobile commerce because you just need an application that shares all your goods and services and their comprehensive descriptions and makes them available to customers.

Partnership with Major Selling Platforms

There are other businesses that rely on major selling sites like Amazon because they are recognized and they sell their goods from that platform to increase their profits. From the statistical data that has been kept by companies, they have recorded that almost two thirds of their customer traffic and a similar fraction of profits are from mobile commerce. Tablets and mobile phones have boosted the income of many companies and made them more profitable because they are easy to use. The affordability of cheap phones particularly cheap smart phones has catalyzed mobile commerce and made its rate of growth faster than that of e-commerce. While e-commerce is popular among major companies, mobile commerce is for everyone.

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Build Awareness for Your Mobile App with Key Influencers

It can be tough for your newly released app to achieve success in the saturated app market. Building awareness for your app is a key step for your mobile application. Making people aware that you exist helps drive traffic to your application and increase your app’s acquisition metrics. Here are a few useful tips to create awareness for your mobile app.

Building awareness for your app is a key step for your mobile application.Personalized press emails

Personalized press emails are an essential part of a strategy to create awareness for your mobile app regardless of the size of the business. Writing and distributing your mobile app press releases is a key step you do not want to skip.

Include a short summary to convince your target audience your story is worth reading. You want to make clear what your app is all about and what makes it unique at the same time.  Your email should also include the name of your app, the price, the link to your Google Play Page, iTunes App Store Page, etc. Also, do not forget to add your contact information. Email marketing is powerful as it appeals to a broad audience.

Reach out to bloggers

Collaborating with influential bloggers can help raise awareness of your app during its crucial launch period. The key to success is to identify bloggers who are going to be interested in your mobile app. If they like your product, they are more likely to give you exposure. When contacting these bloggers, you do not have to be too formal. Tell them everything you know about them — interests, passions, etc. and explain to them why your app might be of interest to their audience. Basically, partnering with bloggers can be great gaining awareness for your app.

You don’t have to think too big

You will be able to target a more valuable audience in small niche publications than you will in major tech blogs. Find a niche that is highly targeted. If your mobile app is in the hospitality industry for instance, contacting publications that focus on hospitality industry will be more relevant than contacting a site that reviews mobile applications from all industries.

Embrace awards

Awards can have a big impact on your app awareness campaign. Attending events associated with awards means you are in a position mingle with your potential audience and other ambitious developers. Receiving an award will also give you a point of uniqueness and help you stand out from the rest, thus boosting your marketing efforts.

Reach out to social media

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is one of the key influencers and an essential strategy to market your mobile app. By partnering with popular pages with large followings, it is possible to improve on brand awareness. It also becomes an effective tool for you and your target audience to communicate. Depending on your marketing strategy and target market, social media can be an effective strategy for building awareness for your application.