The Power of Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons have become a powerful way for businesses to reach potential customers.

Just how effective is mobile couponing? While email campaigns traditionally have redemption rates of 2-4% on average, mobile campaigns tend to see redemption rates of 8-10% on average. With some campaigns even seeing redemption rates as high as 16% [Code Breaker]. According to eMarketer, 8 out of ten adult mobile coupon users in the U.S. will redeem a mobile coupon via their mobile device in 2015. They expect that number to rise to 9 out of ten by 2017.

You should considered adding mobile coupons to your iPhone app or Android app development project. Today, many retailers are seeing the benefits of implementing a mobile coupon strategy. Remember that while your customers may forget to grab your mailer, they won’t forget their smartphone.

With mobile geo-targeting you can target an offer to your customers when they are within a three-mile or other radius of your store.A successful mobile couponing strategy depends on several factors. What is the value of your offer? Have you created a sense of urgency to use this offer? etc. The quality of how you run your program can go a long ways determining the success, as strategies such as creating a sense of urgency can improve redemption rates significantly.

Remember you shouldn’t just blast out mobile coupons to everyone. To be successful, you need to make sure your coupons are targeted to the users interests. Leveraging your customers data and combining it with location data from users’ phones can create highly effective campaigns. Deliver a relevant offer when they’re near a store and redemption rates go up significantly. With mobile geo-targeting you can target an offer to your customers when they are within a three-mile or other radius of your store. This method has proven quite effective in bringing in customers.

Over the past few years we have several advances in the way mobile marketing campaigns are carried out.  Look for the next wave to bring even increased precision to mobile couponing as beacons can deliver coupons to customer phones based on their location within your store. Is a customer by the fragrance counter in a department store? Imagine how effective a well created Lancôme coupon could be at this moment. Meanwhile another customer that is in housewares is getting a Cuisinart coupon at that same moment. Being able to improve the targeting of your program to the exact location of your store that a client is in drives redemption rates to even higher levels that mobile is already experiencing.

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