Raise Awareness for your Mobile App with App Reviews

An integral part of many app marketing programs run by businesses and mobile app developers is raising awareness through app reviews. Getting reviews for your app can have a sizable effect on your app downloads. App reviews have many benefits, they will help you reach an audience you may not be exposed to in your other marketing efforts, additionally, reviews from third parties build credibility since they are coming from an objective source.

Getting reviews for your app can have a sizable effect on your app downloads.Start by writing a short, personalized email. This email should essentially be a short summary of a press release (which we will discuss below).  In your email mention the name of your app and discuss its unique selling proposition. Include links to your web site and where the reviewer can download it on Google Play or iTunes, followed by a paragraph describing its benefits and features.

Feel free to include a screen shot or two or a short video and wrap it up with your contact info. This email should be able to stand on its own, but it can be a good idea to include a press release under your signature.  You won’t want to include your press release as an attachment.

If you choose to write a press release, you will want to start with something that catches their attention.  Since readers often scan content these days, feel free to use bullet points to cover features and benefits, this will make it easier for a reader to scan and quickly develop an understanding of you app. Make sure you discuss what makes your app unique.

You don’t want to make it too long; an ideal press release will be 200-400 words. Remember your first 2 sentences are the most important; you need to capture a reader’s interest to get them to read more. Additionally, you will not want to use inflammatory language, don’t oversell your app or you will turn readers off.

When you start sending your emails out, it is a good idea to start small. You will have a much better chance having your app reviewed by smaller niche publications than major tech blogs like Mashable or Tech Crunch. Start by doing some research to find niche blogs that are targeted to a market your app would appeal to, for instance, if you develop an app focused on homeowner services, contacting sites that focus on homes and décor, etc. will potentially help you reach more interested users than tech blogs would.

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Mobile Commerce Growing More Than Twice as Fast as e-Commerce

Technology has brought a lot changes in business. Years ago there used to be a lot of business transactions that are now done within minutes through mobile phones. Manufacturers of phones have upgraded the operating systems and devices so that they can be compatible with the tasks users want to perform. Additionally, mobile application developers have improved the quality of applications that are used in mobile commerce and have created enhanced experiences for application users.

Mobile commerce is growing much more rapidly because it is available to everyone and affordable.Growth of Mobile Commerce

If you compare mobile commerce and e-commerce, you will find out that there is a big difference in the rate of growth at which each one of them is growing. Mobile commerce is growing much more rapidly because it is available to everyone and affordable. It is also offers simplified experiences because the applications that are used to transact business in mobile commerce are easy to use. There are more advantages to mobile commerce, for instance it often will:

• Streamline the checkout process
• Improve search functionality
• Provide live inventory visibility

Use of mobile apps by companies to do business transactions make it easier for the clients to read the product descriptions, read customer reviews and even compare different products of the same kind. There are also some companies that offer additional coaching in courses that can help them make their customer experiences even better.

Use of Mobile Commerce

Many companies have currently embraced mobile commerce and they have seen tremendous growth and improvement in their businesses. The profits that they accrue have increased making their businesses more lucrative because of the customer traffic that is realized by the use of this platform. There are some companies that you can see reporting that they had an increase in profits up to 28% after adding mobile commerce. Any kind of business is compatible with this kind of mobile commerce because you just need an application that shares all your goods and services and their comprehensive descriptions and makes them available to customers.

Partnership with Major Selling Platforms

There are other businesses that rely on major selling sites like Amazon because they are recognized and they sell their goods from that platform to increase their profits. From the statistical data that has been kept by companies, they have recorded that almost two thirds of their customer traffic and a similar fraction of profits are from mobile commerce. Tablets and mobile phones have boosted the income of many companies and made them more profitable because they are easy to use. The affordability of cheap phones particularly cheap smart phones has catalyzed mobile commerce and made its rate of growth faster than that of e-commerce. While e-commerce is popular among major companies, mobile commerce is for everyone.

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Tips for Effective Mobile App Native Advertising

Advertising has taken another leap. These days an entirely new way is in use while TV, radio and other traditional advertising strategies are dying a slow and painful death. And the reason is simple: marketers and brands continue to see increased value in mobile advertising to reach customers. The shift to mobile advertising is mainly driven by consumer demand. Consumers want a seamless experience and that’s why native advertising is taking the business world by storm right now. The tips in this article will present ways to improve your native advertising approach and should be considered as part of your mobile application development.

Your native ads must be seamless and non-intrusive.With content being consumed in massive quantities on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc.) today, ads are quickly integrating with the app content in the form of native ads. A native ad will naturally integrate with the user experience on a mobile app. They usually blend naturally with the overall app design and functions like other native elements of the app. Your native ads must be seamless and non-intrusive. But how do you get the most out of those ads? These three tips will help:

Give consumers a sense of belonging

Brands try to position themselves in the minds of their customers. Having a better brand is often better than having a better product. So if you want to become a market leader like Apple, Toyota, Nike and many others, you need to create quality products but turn that into a brand in the mind of your consumers. This way, customers will self-identify with your brand and will develop a sense of belonging with the business.

Time advertising to appear at the right place at the right time

Advertisers need to reach specific customers in the right place and at the right time. With countless number of shoppers searching the web on a daily basis, if you ensure your native ads are tailored to the most relevant people then marketing performance increases.

Reach consumers on emotional level

Standing out from the crowd is harder than ever. One sure way for your brand to differentiate itself: connect with your customers emotionally. Remember when it comes to purchasing, customers do not use rational thinking but make emotional decisions. So you have to reach them on an emotional level. It is the key to customer loyalty and a major influencer along the buyer’s journey. Give customers what they want – a connection that is both meaningful and memorable. Remember to be creative and convey the right feeling. You will be surprised by the improvement in performance.

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