Mobile Devices are Our Window to the World

Mobile devices have become a gateway to information for most individuals. If you think about it, your mobile phone might be the most personal device you have ever owned.

Your mobile device is how you search for local information, shop for goods and services, interact with social circles, perform work tasks, track your hobbies, entertain yourself and so much more. Mobile devices have become a focal point of our lives and our window to the world.

Make sure you understand the user experience that your customers want.With mobile devices being integral to modern life, brands should approach mobile with the goal of creating experiences. Before you start your mobile app development and contact an iPhone app developer or Android app developer, make sure you understand the user experience that your customers want.

Mobile first

With mobile devices being many customers window to the world, a mobile first approach can help you build relationships with your customers. Users appreciate brands that are working to give them the tools they want and will be loyal to those that do. Brands that have made mobile a priority have been able to connect with customers in entirely new ways and adapt to them like never before.

Mobile is transforming the shopping experience

Smart phones have changed the shopping experience. Stores gave become showrooms to many rather than a purchasing center. Quality mobile experiences can work with the in-store experience to assist with consumers pathway to purchasing. Savvy brands understand that the shopping experience most likely began before a customer ever walks through the door and may end with an order via mobile app days after a visit to the show room.

Provide a unified experience

The combination of a brands’ in-store experience with that of their mobile apps and web site all contribute the the opinion consumers have of a brand. It is important for brands to maintain a consistent experience for customers that cuts across all platforms. This experience must allow orders at multiple points, customers won’t research your app on their mobile device and then order it later off your web site because you don’t offer commerce off your mobile application.

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Kimber Johnson

Kimber Johnson

Managing Director at Vanity Point
Kimber Johnson is the Managing Director of Vanity Point, Kimber has worked within the web development, graphics design, mobile application development, marketing and advertising fields for over 17 years.

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