Windows Phone 7 Applications On The Way

Microsoft is stating that their marketplace will have 3,000 apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform by the end of the week in a blog post by Todd Brix. They have also stated that they have more than 15,000 Windows Phone 7  application developers committed to creating apps for the platform.

Microsoft went to great lengths to try and develop interest from the development community for this new platform and interest seems to be strong from the start. While this new platform essentially has Microsoft starting over in this arena it seems much better poised to handle the modern mobile market.

Windows Phone 7  mobile application developers will surly help drive this device with mobile applications being a great draw in the modern mobile landscape. Users will rapidly finding themselves drawn to platforms based on available software as much as the platforms themselves.

Android OS Now Even With iOS

In their recent Mobile Mix Report for October, Millennial Media states that that the Android operating system has now drawn even with the iOS platform from Apple based on its recent strong sales  (full report). Yet despite this massive surge in available devices, the dedicated application talk on the street still seems to be strongly pointed at applications for the iPhone. While this is a great platform with a very solid user base that enjoys and utilizes apps, there seems to be a gap following the other devices in terms of application development.

This gap can create a huge opportunity for the proactive business person. Can you be the first on the block to bring a custom mobile application of a certain type to market for the rapidly growing Android platform? Or how about aggressively pursuing the Windows Phone 7 platform? Applications for Windows Phone 7 could be red hot in the near future with manufactures like Samsung embracing the platform. Or how about pursuing the under-served market looking for BlackBerry applications with a solid BlackBerry application development plan?

All of the platforms present great opportunities for custom m0bile applications, but sometimes the greatest opportunities exist when you are looking at the front end of a curve. Feel free to discuss your mobile application development needs a professional mobile application developer to see which platforms best suite you and your business.