Developing a Wearables Strategy for Your Brand

These days wearables are getting more and more attention.

Many brands are still working on their mobile app development projects or maybe just recently decided to switch to a responsive web site and now wearables are getting thrown into the mix.

Have no fear.

18316884565_4bc9df9e10_mTo the savvy marketer all of these items are opportunities to outdo your competition and grab market share. Opportunity is abound in the mobile age and wearables add to the opportunity.

In the digital age, and most specifically over the most recent years, many businesses have become focused on content marketing. Many businesses have a content marketing strategy for their web, mobile and social presences.

You are going to need a completely different mindset for wearables.

Wearables typically have a very different form factor than smartphones and require a different strategy. When it comes to wearables, successful strategies will focus on experiences. They will augment and improve the activities a user is engaged in.

A perfect example of this would be fitness apps with timers that can help improve workouts by making timers easily available on a smart watch. Apps for wearables that can improve the experience of users will get used.

Keep in mind that there are many types of wearables available. Don’t just focus on watches because they are getting the attention. There are many opportunities when it comes to wearables, for instance Google is currently working with Levis to integrate computers into clothing.

Keep in mind that many wearables will allow you to add contextual information into your program with the assistance of location based data. One of the greatest strengths of mobile is its ability to apply the context of location into communications. By utilizing proximity data and data that you collected previously regarding preferences, etc, your wearable program can be extremely relevant to your users.

As with any modern business program, data is more important than ever, and it will be no different with your wearable program.  Collecting and interpreting data will be more important than ever and businesses will need to plan ahead to be able to deliver the types of experiences that the savvy modern consumer demands.

Photo: Ted Eytan (Flikr)

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Kimber Johnson

Kimber Johnson

Managing Director at Vanity Point
Kimber Johnson is the Managing Director of Vanity Point, Kimber has worked within the web development, graphics design, mobile application development, marketing and advertising fields for over 17 years.

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